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Student-Athlete Resources

Important Links

Cultural Centers
2021 Spring Online Schedule
Financial Aid Information
Sports Medicine / Athletic Training
Support Services

Athletic Counseling Contacts

Lizzy Lynch - Student Personnel Assistant - Email me at
                     General athletic or academic issues and eligibility questions/concerns
Victoria Cornelius - Athletic Academic Counselor - Email me at
                     Education Plans, counseling concerns, excess unit petitions, etc.
Not sure who to contact? Reach out to either Lizzy or Victoria and we will either help you or point you in the right direction. Please allow up to 2 business days in some cases for a reply.


Academics & Eligibility

Student-Athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units to be eligible to compete and 9 of the 12 units must be considered academic units.
  What is an Academic Unit?  Some examples of acadmic units are History, Math, Science, Music, Kinesiology, Art, etc.


What is NOT an Academic Unit?  Some examples of non-academic courses are Fitness, Work Experience, Team Activity, SPORT 90, etc.

If you are concerned about your academic and non-academic units, please contact Lizzy for specific information.


Education Plans (aka Ed Plans)

Student athletes are required to have an Education Plan on file.
Why?  - Ed Plans give you a map for your academic career and help guide you through your time at Sac City. Your ed plan is unique and personalized to your goals and objectives. You should not compare your ed plan to another’s, as everyone has different academic paths.


- Ed plans can be updated at any time with a counselor if your plans change. Contact Athletic Academic Counselor, Victoria Cornelius to schedule an appointment if you have questions about your ed plan. (Link Victoria’s email here)




- Ed Plans must be on file for student athletes to be eligible to compete by:

  First year athletes – October 1
Second year athletes – first competition
  - If your ed plan is not on file or updated by these dates, you will be marked as ineligible to compete until it is done.


Registration, Tuition & Financial Aid Information

Using eServices to Add/Drop Classes
  Visit eServices, Click Manage Classes.
        Use the Shopping Cart to add courses to your schedule
        Click Drop Classes to remove classes from your schedule. 

Make sure you follow screen prompts to complete the process! Check your class schedule when you are finished to confirm you completed the task.


Paying Tuition or Getting a Refund

  Once you add a class after the semester has begun, you have until midnight to ensure it has been paid for. If you have to pay tuition, do so using the Financial Account tile from your Student Homepage in eServices.
  If you drop a class and need a tuition refund for a dropped class, complete the refund application.


Financial Aid

  Visit the Financial Aid tile from your Student Homepage to see your financial aid awards and complete any pending information.
  Visit the Financial Aid website for answers to your financial aid questions. Contact information is available on this webpage as well.


Sports Medicine / Athletic Training

Link to SCC Sports Medicine / Athletic Training
  Physical Evaluation Form


For additional information or if you have specific questions for the SCC Sports Medicine/Athletic Trainers, please email


General FAQs

Can I visit the SCC campus in person?
  Currently, the Sacramento City College campus, is closed and not open for in-person services, but online/remote services are available.


Who do I contact for help?

  If you are a student athlete, you can begin by contacting your coach, Victoria, or Lizzy regarding your campus concern.


When will the SCC campus re-open?

  At this time, it is unknown when SCC will re-open for on campus services.  However, all services are available online and staff is able to help you remotely.


Where can I get more information about online services while campus is closed?

  SCC has a resource page set up to assist with challenges you might be facing.  For more information, click here.


What Health and Wellnees Services are still available to me?

  Visit the LRCCD Health and Wellness Patient Portal
  • Make appointments to talk with a College Nurse for health or illness consultations including COVID-19 questions or concerns
  • Assistance with health requirements for academic programs or employment
  • Employee TB clearances
  • 24/7 free access to a doctor with TimelyMD
  Mental Health Support
  • Short term therapy with SCC’s LCSW Meghan Lefkowitz and two interns
  • Ayana Therapy (coming soon): online therapy specializing in providing culturally competent care to intersectional and marginalized communities by connecting patients with a therapist with similar or compatible background
  • Mind Wise: a mental health screening tool with self-care resources
  Health Education
  • Campus Well: an online student health magazine with current and relevant health topics and self-care guides